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OHS Consultation (WorkCover Accredited) 4 days ($575)

The OHS Regulation 2001 states that all members of an OHS Committee or Representatives must undertake accredited OHS Consultation training. Ensure your OHS committee members and representatives have the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of workplace OHS consultation as an integral part of your OHS Management System.

This 4-day course will help you to fulfil your duty to consult requirements under Sections 13-19 of the NSW OHS Act. The course will cover workplace health and safety, the role of OHS consultation, effective consultation, systematic management of health and safety, and continuous improvement of OHS systems. The course includes action learning exercises in workplace responsibilities, committee roles, inspections, hazards, accident investigations, and workplace rehabilitation.

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OHS Committee Refresher (1 day) ($200)

This dynamic course is designed to give occupational health and safety committees the opportunity to review their activities to date, to assess their effectiveness, and to plan needed improvements. Key points from the original 4-day course are reviewed with participants.

Newly introduced workplace health and safety legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and other developments are discussed. Upon completion of the course, the committee will have established clear goals and action plans for future activities and improvement of occupational health and safety within the organisation.

1. A review of the OH&S committee and the OH&S management system
2. Identifying key issues for improvement
3. Working smarter as a committee
4. Developing an improvement action plan for the committee.

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OHS Risk Management for Mangers and Supervisors (2 days) ($450)
(1 day intense course also available)

This active course is designed to help managers and supervisors develop safety management skills. It also seeks to give them the knowledge necessary to contribute to their organisation's occupational health, safety and rehabilitation program within their defined level of authority. This course gives managers and supervisors the ability to play an active and effective role in the workplace health and safety system. Topics covered include:

1. Understanding the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, and Codes of Practice.
2. Addressing industrial relations and occupational health and safety issues.
3. Developing effective occupational health and safety management processes.
4. Auditing the management of occupational health and safety in the workplace.
5. Managing workers' compensation and rehabilitation.

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Introduction to Return to Work Co-ordination (WorkCover Accredited) ($400) 2 days

Workplaces that have a base (worker’s compensation) premium of more than $50,000 are required to appoint a trained Return to Work Coordinator.

The aim of this course is to develop basic skills and knowledge in the management of workplace injuries. The course outlines the workers' compensation system in NSW, including the legal obligations of employers, employees, insurers and doctors. The content also covers premiums, worker benefits, injury management and suitable duties. Employers or employees who want to understand the NSW Workers' Compensation scheme or know how to manage their claims more effectively are also encouraged to attend.

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Advanced Return to Work Co-ordination (WorkCover Accredited) ($300)
1 day

This corse provides accredited RTW Co-ordinators who have at least 6 months experience, with further knowledge and skills to more effectively handle more complex return to work cases.

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Manual-Handling Training ($100)

This course is ideal for any person involved in the prevention and reduction of the frequency and severity of manual handling related injuries. It covers legislation, human body and manual handling, hazard identification and risk assessment, risk control issues and effective communication in implementing manual handling regulations.

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Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods Training

This course is aimed at all new and existing employees in the manufacturing, retail, commercial and service industries. This course introduces employees to the broad principles of health and safety in the workplace. It can be used as part of an organisation's induction program and covers legislation, industrial relations, health and safety, emergencies, workers' compensation and rehabilitation at work.

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OHS Construction Induction (Green Card) Training (WorkCover Accredited) 6 hours ($110)

This course is for existing and new employees in the building and construction industry. It covers legislation, consultation and communication, implementing health and safety, emergency response and first aid, injury management and worker's compensation in NSW. Participants will receive a WorkCover Statement of Completion following the course.

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Office Ergonomics ($110)

This course is suitable for all employees in any industry. This is a 4 hour course that covers ergonomic principles, workstation set-up, stretching exercises and basic anatomy. It provides participants with the skill and knowledge to setup office workstations to minimise the risk of overuse injuries.

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Senior First Aid (WorkCover Approved) ($120)

This course provides participants with practical knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary to provide competent care to the ill or injured until medical help arrives.

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Forklift Training – 1 day ($220)

This course is suitable for employees who have previously driven a forklift, but do not hold a WorkCover licence, or for employees who have a New Zealand Forklift Licence.

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Forklift Training – 2 days ($350)

This course is suitable for employees who have not previously operated a forklift, but can drive a vehicle (Participants must be over the age of 18, posses photo ID and wear enclosed shoes when attending the course).

This course includes:
• WorkCover OH&S legislation
• Pre-operational & Post-operational checks
• Site safety audit and risk assessment
• Attachments / SWL / Load weight estimation
• Video/ Practical driving/ Written assessment
• A student workbook

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Traffic Control (RTA Approved) ($160)

This course is for any person required to control traffic using a Stop-Slow bat. It provides participants with the skill and knowledge required of a Traffic Controller for controlling traffic within a worksite. This course meets both RTA and WorkCover requirements (Participants must hold a valid OHS Green Card; posses photo ID and wear steel capped boots when attending the course).

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The provision OHS and workers compensation management training is a legislative requirement and helps to improve system efficiencies and to decrease costs.

Safety SENSE is a leading provider of OHS management training services to business, industry and government. We offer a wide range of WorkCover NSW accredited courses, as well as customised training programs to suit your organisation's needs.

Safety SENSE trainers are highly qualified and experienced professionals with many years of operational experience that allows them to bring practical applications and understanding to each specific course. We offer the flexibility of both public and in-house training courses in our training rooms, on-site or any nominated location.

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